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MobiliseSME Final Conference

The Future of a Mobility Scheme for SME and their Employees in Europe

on September 28th, 2017
from h. 13.30 to h. 17.00.
Monte dei Paschi Belgio Schuman, Avenue Auderghem 22-28, 1040 Brussels

  • 13:30h – 14:00h Welcoming Buffet and Registration of participants
  • 14:00h – 14:20h Key-note opening speech - by Mr. Baudouin Baudru, Member of Cabinet of Ms. Marianne
  • Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, European Commission.
  • 14:20h – 14:40h The feasibility of a mobility scheme for SME and their employees - by Ms. Astrid Henningsen, Henningsen Consulting (B) and Mr. Tobias Dudenbostel, Technopolis Group Ltd. (UK & Europe).
  • 14:40h – 14:50h Did MobiliseSME fulfil the expectations and what can the EC learn from it? - by Mr. Denis Genton, Head of Unit D1, Free movement of workers and EURES, DG EMPL, European Commission.
  • 14:50h – 15:00h The future of a European exchange program for SMEs in Europe - by Mr. Stefan Moritz, Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME.
  • 15:00h – 15:15h VIDEO: What do the participants to a MobiliseSME exchange say? & Live: Personal experiences of a hosting entrepreneur, Ms. Giorgia Butturi (I), and a sending entrepreneur
  • / visiting employee, Ms. Séverine Cartot (F).
  • 15:15h – 15:30h Q&A - Moderator: Mr. Thomas Philipp Reiter, Medienhaus Brüssel (B) & Ole von Beust
  • Consulting (D).
  • 15:30h – 15:45h What Support Tools Are Available for SMEs? - by Ms. Laurence de Richmont, Head of Unit R4 DG GROW, Single Market Service Centre, and Ms. Katerina Nejdlova, Team leader for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs at DG GROW.
  • 15:45h – 15:55h The point of view of trade unions – by Mr. Stefan Gran, Head of the Brussels Office of the
  • German Trade Unions Confederation DGB.
  • 15:55h – 16:05h The Experience of MobiliseSME Partners – Count Jacques de Lailang, President of BDG - Belgisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft (B), and Mr. Imre Maróczi, President of PÁTOSZ - Pályázati Projektmenedzserek és Tanácsadók Országos Szövetsége (H)
  • 16:05h – 16:15h Political Vision: Mr. Brando Benifei, MEP – PD (I)/S&D, Member of the EP Committee on
  • Employment and Social Affairs
  • 16:15h – 16:30h Debate with the audience - Moderator: Mr. Thomas Philipp Reiter.
  • 16:30h – 16:45h Final Impulse: “Mobile People, Mobile Enterprises, Mobile Europe”- by Mr. Mario Ohoven, President of European Entrepreneurs & BVMW e.V. (D).
  • 16:45h – 17:00h Networking coffee
  • h. 20:30 European Entrepreneurs Networking Dinner

Impulse speech: Mr. Mario Ohoven, President of European Entrepreneurs Keynote address: Mr. Günther Oettinger, EU-Commissioner for Budget Artistic Highlight

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